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Markell Printing and Promotional Products is more than just a convenient supplier ... they are a creative ideas company. I have always been happy with my service, my response time, and, of course, my products.

The Addison Group, Suffolk, VA



718 E. Davis St.
Burlington, NC 27215


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long has Markell Printing been in business?

A: Since 1964!

Q: People often ask if the name "Markell" has anything to do with Mark, the Vice-President?
A: No, it was a name that we hoped would be unique and memorable.

Q: Was Markell always located at 718 E. Davis St. Burlington, NC?
A: No, it started in Bob's parent's garage, moved to Chapel Hill Rd. (We had a fire there) then to E. Davis Street.
Q: Is this a family business?
A: Yes, Bob and his son Mark have the business. It is not a franchise.
Q: What lengths will Markell go for a customer?
A: One time an order was delayed because of UPS striking. Bob drove his station wagon to the Greensboro airport and picked up 15 cases of mugs that were needed at a ground breaking ceremony with Carolina Biological. He had boxes of mugs in the back, beside him, under his legs - everywhere they would fit in his vehicle. He arrived at his customer's event just in time.
Q: What has been one of your most memorable Printing stories?
A: The secret service for President George H. W. Bush came by and ordered some signs and printing. Everything was hush hush and the secret service watched over the actual printing process, making sure to shred or destroy discarded materials.
Q: Who is that bird we keep seeing?
A: He is "Inky". He is our mascot who was developed over 43 years ago.
Q: When did you add promotion products to your printing services?
A: In 1979, one of our customers, a bank president, wanted to start a golf tournament as part of the bank's marketing program. He asked us to provide the golf balls, coolers and miscellaneous personalized items to make the event a success. We did and now it is a big part of our business.

Q: Do you have any interesting promotion product stories?
A: One time a customer ordered flashlights to give out at a conference. Unexpectedly, the power went off and of course EVERYONE wanted and needed a flashlight. Our customer was jokingly accused of planning the power outage.