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I want to thank Markell Printing and Promotion Products for your continuing commitment to excellent design and personal service. I look forward to working with you on my next campaign.

~Linda L. Falls
District Court Judge



718 E. Davis St.
Burlington, NC 27215



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Campaign Posters

"I appreciate the service and reliability received from Markell over the years. You do an excellent job for your customers."

~ Tony Foriest, NC Senator


Lawn Signs

"I have twice employed the services of Markell during my campaigns for election, and re-election, as District Attorney for District 15-A (Alamance County). You and your staff have been most courteous, prompt, and helpful which contributed; I am satisfied, in large part to my success. The quality of work and quality of service were excellent. I was so pleased with Markell from my first campaign in 1998 that it was a simple choice as to whom I would entrust for my campaign needs in my 2006 re-election."

~ Rob Johnson, District Attorney


Political Posters

"In my two campaigns for District Court Judge, I credit Markell Printing & Promotion Products for their excellent service, quality and creativity which I firmly believe ensured my re-election."

~ Brad Allen, District Court Judge